Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gem up your life

Behind the Scene:
The styling job is never complete without the professionals. Check out the chaotic scene in the changing room.

Instantly, the diamonds glam up the models!

The dazzling Ruby diamante set does make my heart beats for a little..and the killer shoes from Charmaine

Sometimes i feel really honoured about being a model, even just a part time one. A good thing about it is you get to wear all the IN stuffs from inexpensive pricing to ultimate pricey costing. The ultimate pricey stuffs i am talking about defnitely are something lady will dream after. Diamonds, Gems, Pearls, Jade, Golds...or maybe not so much gold nowadays, we prefer white gold instead. Whatever, these accessories do complete a woman:)

Diamond is a woman's best compliment.Agree? No?
Hey man, stop telling how much you want to keep your woman, do it in action! Tell her that she is just like a diamond, pricey yet priceless, and each diamond is unique and there is no the same one to be found. haha...and i think woman will most likely give it a nod..oohhh...of course not forgetting the proper dinner setting with the dazzle under the dim light does go very well with a little alcohol effect..

...good luck buddie! Lol*

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