Thursday, February 12, 2009

6 left...who's next?

I received a surprise call from her 2 weeks ago after more than 500days we have not been physically in contact.

'Hey! How are ya?'

'Oh hey, i am good. So whats up?'

' Nola..just calling to check if you are okie..and also... tell you that i am getting married this month!'

'ohh....what a news!congrats babe!'

double surprise:)

I do feel very happy for her but honestly to say i am feeling a lilttle miserable too. She is a very bestie of mine for more than 10 years...arghh counting the years now, look, we are aging... Though there has been ages we have not met or even talked, i still miss her very dearly at heart. After Yen Li, she is the second among the eight who jumps in the world of 'being caged' we call it.

But hey!**The list doesn't go like this..still very clear in mind, we used to make a name list of 'who will kahwin first' based on our predictions/understanding on the desperate-ness of the ladies in becoming a tai tai. Guess what, things often happen in a total reverse direction!*

The most unlikely to get married at early age are the ones who jump in first!

Look who's talking:P

Kar Shing







(quote from Ms Law, "marry?What is marry?")

Yen Li

(quote from Ms Lee,"I will never get married...never...")

We, during our trip to Singapore when we were in Standard 6

We, joined the church caroling team on a X'mas

We, attended her birthday celebration when we were in Form 4

We, at our usual outing on the weekends

Isn't it amazing to share the precious moment of someone whom you have grown up with when you were small?

First, i don't just see like another wedding, like just another fren of mine is getting married. No, i feel as if it's my day too. Argh...she more than just a friend, a very close childhood fren that we both shared the same memories ever since primary school by sitting next to each other in class, eating and playing together during recess time, spending weekends at each other's house; going to the same secondary, sitting next to each other again in class, eyeing on the same guy, ponteng together, hanging out with the same sisters, celebrating bday together in the same month and often being mistaken we were real sisters. Yes, sometimes when we were lazy at explanation, we just claimed we were sisters. Many have believed for it, Yes! all thanks to the similiar chubby cheeks we have and we would just chuckle about it the whole time.*laughs

Hey, we once said we wanted to become a beauty queen together one day;
and this i am particularly brave to say, i have made it happened:P
I have fulfilled one of our mutual wishes;
and now you have fulfilled another beautiful wish before me,
that you already found someone you love and make it an eternity bond:)

God is always fair dearie, we are always blessed.
Now, you are not just a woman,
but a world to a man:)

I will see you pretty soon at your wedding..:)

PS:i beg not play our pictures on the slide show...puhleaseee....haha..if really no choice..then just be kind on me a little selective just a little okay?


xynthian said...

Jean! which one is you in the first photo! XD

Jeanious said...


Which one do you think is me?
not telling you....*blush