Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tomato Facial Mask(Blemish Skin)

Lately, there has been some of my girl friends facing same skin problem as i do-that is Acne/Pimple problem. Don't you think its so upseting when you look into mirror and find your face full of spots? Oh no...please kill me!

i've consulted skin specialist several times, and being told the same thing,

' we can't tell you the exact cause of your pimples, it could be stress, hormone imbalance, or bacteria infection...'

Gosh! How can doctor throw back the ball to me? And what is the solution??

'Well, take my tablets for six months and we will monitor again....or do the injection,you'll see the difference in 2 to 3 days.'

'Injection on my forehead? Puhlease....shoot me..Alrite,i choose the longer path:'('

Despite taking medication prescribed by doctor, i've grabbed a tip from Mr T's sister. She is having equally bad acne problem, and she discovered doing it in organic way for a facial mask is helpful. And to my surprise, her spots totally dried out after she has done the mask for 3 times.

So i quickly tested on my skin, and it worked!
I can't wait to share this with you!

You just need THREE of THESE:

Pure Yogurt ( No flavouring)
(i'd recommend Super Yogurt from NZ because it's not too watery)
1 X Tomato
1 X clean and plain Facial Mask Sheet (optional)


Take 2 spoonful of yogurt into a bowl.
Wash the tomato, peel off the skin, and put it into a blender.
(or just mash it with barehand, but make sure your hands are clean)
Mash/Blend the tomato until it is even.
Mix the tomato mash with the yogurt.
Stir to form a smooth paste.

If you have extra hands to help apply the paste onto your face, its fantastic:) All you have to do just lie down with your feet up and relax for 15 minutes, until the mask is almost dry.

Otherwise, a plain facial mask sheet is helpful. Just pour the paste onto the sheet bit by bit and let it soak for 10 second, then slowly apply it to your face. One good thing about the mask is, it helps to hold the juice/mash dribbles all around your neck. Just put the towel around neck for cleaning purpose.

Or you have better way to do it, do share me!
After 15 minutes, just rinse it off with plenty of water and a soft cloth.

For i am having really bad acne on my forehead, so i apply the mask on alternate days. I will not say the pimples/acne go off immediately after the mask, but they dry out on the affected area. Tomato is one good natural ingredient for blemish skin.

Oh yeah, one small tip:
To avoid allergy, test it on your skin near your ear area or hand before you apply it to your whole face.

Alright, i am looking at other natural ingredients in making facial masks for blemish skin. Please do share me if you have some cool tips!

Stay beautiful, people!


shopaholic said...

hey, how to get this Super Yogurt ?
which shop ?
I'm actually havin da same problem as u & wonderin to try tis mask as well.

James said...

find your job mei???

anyway 应该是生理时钟失调吧


Jeanious said...

shopaholic: hi there!Super yogurt can be found in Cold Storage hypermarket;or you can try other brands,but i'd suggest you to get imported brands for i find some local brands are not so good.
Good luck!

James: 正在烦着了,现在像你所说的,调理身体

---Olivia. JR--- said...

yo dearie~~ I try and do later!!

Jeanious said...

Olivia.JR:Dearie, can't wait for you to tell me if it works!!

shopaholic said...

thanks jean :)

benovan said...

can do for me ah? ahahaha.. =p

Jeanious said...

Benovan: Anytime for you hahaha....

benovan said...

yea rite! someone said wanna text me last friday but what happened huh? =p

Jeanious said...

Hahaha Sorry la Ben, ade hal sikit. My bad My bad,i make it up to you!
make yogurt mask for you okay!

benovan said...

hahaha.. make sure you make double portion coz my face quite big and thick (muka tebal)!

Jeanious said...

benovan:haha then must add one more tomato!