Saturday, August 14, 2010

she's got style..

One-off shoulder blouse somehow shows a 'more is less' language..

a little blueish is nice to fit in...

the stripy maxi dress is an easy goer!

nude is another form of basics..

the read leather belt is the MAN!

and HAREM Pants is in the trend..

now i get idea of pairing a basic top with a coco-inspired jacket...

black fringe belt+ bootilicious legging is a complete set..

Despite her regular appearance in magazine in a not-so-positive approach done by the HK media, i just got to say i am greatly inspired by her style. By reading up gossips about her written by the hk paparazzi often makes me identify her with the wife of world top footballer, super mama icon-Vic.B. But well, after viewing her sense of mix&match fashion pictures somewhere, i just got to say, She's got style!

If to say she's the wannabee of Vic.B, i would address her more of the 'next-door mum'. The fashion she goes with it is simple yet fab,the use of basic color tones makes the speaking. Detailing of each piece goes with her particular way of mixing it up makes a beautiful combination.

Awww...looooooooove it!

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