Friday, October 29, 2010

I am back

Mmm..while talking to Cheryl the chili padi, she was asking me why i only blog in chinese nowadays. I told her i always get stuck somewhere with my brain halfway writing, dont know why. when it happens, i feel annoyed ;) sorry la all my beloved moi mois from all around the world, and now i am doing this for YOU oke..forgive me puhlease!!

its been a long time, i know. but don't lose your love towards me okie,im still the same girl you know after so many years. i like the idea when you call me a celebrity, its a very glam label to me, but its not the title that flatters me, its what you see in me my friend. despite of being called by many titles, i am just the same girl chasing after something that makes me feel so alive.

anyway, i stongly feel that, this year is a year of transition for me.
Life just started after 25,mmm more spice to come..

Geesh* this is the thing happens you see, keyboard out of battery pulak,i wil come back for more tmr alright!

nitey love


melly said...

finally a post i can read and can catch up on...
=) blog more in english please. ktnxbai

Ray said...

very rare to see you post in English haha =) dropping by to say hi! hope everything is well in KL =D

Anonymous said...

Well going through your blog from beginning till now, you did change a are no longer the same gal i know..
Take care

cherleebrity said...

Hey what happened to English postsssss? Raaaawwwrrrr! Liar liar pants on fire la u. T____T

Melly I think we need to use Google Translate again. :P