Sunday, June 1, 2008

My special Day

My dinner of the night,

Starter: Breadstick with assorted breads

Appetizer: Seafood Palate

Main Course: Lamb Shank

My Important Buddies of the night:

Irene Racheal Stefanie

Thank you for the lovely evening, you have made it special:)

and of course not forgetting these two special friends, Kenny and Vincent:)

When the clock hit 12am on 2008 05 18, the firecracker had lighten up my life.

I had a very special moment with you guys, at a special place, a special day.

But it's still sad to say, the weather has spoiled my initial plan to feel the breeze on the 64th floor of a building.

My special bithday of 2008 was marked at this place, Sky Bar@Bangkok.

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