Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My July Babe

She was my third babe that i celebrated her special day with in the same month. A very good buddy ever since high school. I think i have missed her birthday for two years while she was away and studying in Aussie. It's always good to gather again for any occasions possible but sometimes we just can't deny the fact that time really passes like a rocket.It felt as if we only met yesterday. Sigh,each time we celebrate a special occasion, we have come to realise we are one year older.

t's okie, let's age gracefully:)

We know you love japanese, and here we were at this highly recommended restaurant Umaiya at Damansara Perdana.

look at the sashimi slices, simpy irresistably sexy...

Various sushi that we had

This one is good,tasted like beef but it's not..It's grilled tuna!

Blueberry CheeseCake from SanTerri

and this is specially for you babe....Our birthday girl is a big-time cheese lover. I was initially ordering a half kg cake, but right after i made the order, i changed my mind. Half kg for this girl is just not enough, provided more i remember her family loves cheese cake too. So i quickly called back to the shop and reordered for a 1kg portion, and fortunately they still had stock. However, 5 of us had already finished half of the cake itself, and Yen li had the half of it home.

The next day she MSN me, she said her 'the other half' in the fridge was already gone in the morning itself!
Who had moved her cheese? It must be her dearly father. LOL.

High school buddies rock forever babe!It was a really nice dinner. i am very happy that we still keep the celebration ritual going on every year. I can remember those years that we were so excited for the celebration waiting to open the present. haha, but after all these years of giving and receiving, we have gradually turned this special ritual into something more ordinary. Maybe no present anymore, but a plain gathering. and it makes our day!

I think now we have come to understand the quality time we spend together for the special moment is far more meaningful than anything else. Keep the bond,ladies*with love.


Simmy said...

jeanie, is that Kah Yin? Look so familiar ! I've missed her

Jeanious said...

Yes simmy she's our old good high school buddy-Kahyin!

Anonymous said...
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