Thursday, July 17, 2008

A short homecoming of Mellie Bee

Jerry and Mellie
They are high school friends, neighbourhood friends, and also sisterhood friends.

Jerry and Me

Jerry has always been a funny character in the group, just like her adorable girlfriend.
Forever and ever the couple is going against each other, yet they still stick like honey.
*shakes my head

Mellie and Me

The "Peace" Sign was what i learned from Mellie Bee 3 years back when i visited her in Brissy. Because of that, she is always known for her "Kawaiiness Wannabee", you will know what i mean if you get the chance to browse her daily

Mellie. Carrie. Me. Mr Botak

The four crazy college pals that look as retarded as always..look at our androgenous fren-Mr Botak,he has always been the bestest man cum sister of us!

After 730++days, finally our little Bee flew back to her homeland and stopped by to see her lovely friends for a little.

If you have been reading my blog, you may ponder why my entries are about meeting friends, provided more the long lost friends. In fact, they are not my long lost friends, instead they are still very much in touch with me.
I believe there are few types of friends, one of them will be the one you are very much close with but you do not get to see them often. They are this type, i believe. The reason im writing this is because i don't get to talk about them all the time.

Ever since Mellie has decided to set her life in Brissy for good, she would need to start a whole new chapter of life. Despite learning to ease and deal with the daily struggles, she has picked up pretty fast in this foreign land. I really like her spirit and willpower.If it was for me,one of the biggest struggles would be homesickness or being so far away from our dearly ones simply drives me sick. ''Distance makes the heart grows fonder" shows us the real meaning of what some people mean to us. Mmm...a meaningful phrase.

This time we had our little get-together session at Bangkok Jazz. Carrie suggested the venue because Jerry loves the live band performance here. It's true, the vocalist has a powerful voice. The music and performance was awesome, we enjoyed ourselves. However, we all have to admit it is a bad spot to initiate a conversation. The audio system was too strong to project good echo in this sphere that made us barely talk. Probably that's the idea, this place is not meant for chit-chat.

Since it has always been so hard to drag this little girl out as she was packed with her activities like relatives visiting,home gathering, packing+unpacking, resting, shopping, and so on. Therefore, knowing that, the precious 3 hour out of her packed schedule to spend with us was considered a bonus, Lol. Yes i am writing this to make you feel guilty.

Eventhough we really enjoyed the precious 3 hours spent, but it was too short for the conversation. Sigh, your bad:(

Needless to elaborate on this, we awaits your next comeback*Winks
Be good, WOman!


Anonymous said...

Dear, miss you a lot.
Let's go for a date the soonest!
Fang with love.

Jeanious said...

Hey Fang Fang!!I think i will only get to see you on your big big day since both of us also busy like hell!but i try to fix a time for us okie!

Anonymous said...
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