Thursday, July 31, 2008

Macau/ HK

After Bangkok, places below were the second spots i have travelled this year. I've heard much about how fascinating this tiny place is about and finally now, i managed to explore the wonder-land by 'accident'. (It's not planned by own will, but a suprise trip given by the organiser.)

The winning of MMU 1st-runner has rewarded me a good trip, i must say. Despite some miscommunications on this trip with the organiser earlier, i have no regret for tagging along on this vacation.

People asked me :"Do you go there for a mission?"
I hesitated for a moment. "Probably...cuz i don't know"
Now i can tell you, " It's not really for any missions to be done, it's more like a fun vacation that you got to meet many people, dine in fine local restaurants,and being served like a VIP."

The view from the window of my room in City Garden Hotel. A very typical scene in HK, just like what we see in the HK drama. The units in the building are really small. Buildings are built closely to one another. When i lifted my head on the street, all i saw was zillions of cage-like residential buildings.

Souffle (in canton they call it SOR FU LEI)

A very special dessert was introduced by the organiser's friends in HK. According to them, it is made of egg white, stir until it turns bubble, put it in the oven and you'll see it done as picture shown. The skin is abit crispy but it's all soft like custard inside. It is served hot so i nearly had my tongue burnt:P

Anyway, please bear with me on the coming post of this trip. I will keep the post up as soon as i unpack my luggage, finish doing my daily routines, settle down on a laptop and start typing.

*Upcoming Post: The city of Win/Lose-Macau. The heart-pumping casino..and the simply amazing Venetian hotel! Not to forget the portugese egg tart, grilled seafood and more...*

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