Sunday, August 3, 2008

Macau Day 1

The minute we arrived in Macau, we asked the organiser.
'Which hotel are we checking in?'
She hesitated for a moment, and answered with uncertain tone,

'I also don't know,it is booked by the boss, just wait and see la'

The Venetian-Paiza entrance.

The moment we reached the main entrance of the hotel,we all gulped in surprise!!
HOORAY!!!It is the latest hotel in town!!! and not until we SCREAMED ecstatiscally when we entered our SUITE!!

A big bathroom just nice for two.

The complete range of toiletries

A powder table is also just nice for ladies like us.

and our territory!!!!

Queen is always a pampered word for ladies, especially when comes to the size of BED!!!

a rather big living room for two furnished with one cozy sofa, one tea table, and one working table.

The Venetian painting on the wall
To stay in the Venetian, you must first feel the Venetian.

After settled down in the room, we both took a quick shower and dressed-up for dinner. We headed lobby to meet the organiser and friends. However, we were lost in the hallway as it is too long and the exits all look the same!

Levy and I at the main entrance.

The first early batch of people left in the first coach. Levy and I waited to be picked up by the next coach. Meantime, we requested the jockey to take a picture of us with the fountain in the background. However he said
' You two are too beautiful than anything else in the picture'

Famous Shark Fin soupie
Yaay!The first welcome dish since we arrived Macau. I did not manage to snap all of the pictures at this dinner because the food was served fast and finished fast. But overall the food was similiar to our local chinese food,equally tasty.

Casa De Pasto San Tou Dou
The name of the restaurant in Portugese Language.

Street scene just outside the restaurant was captured under the light in Macau.

Macau at night was captured in the coach.

The only entertainment you can find in Macau is Gamble. Everywhere you see either in the old or new Macau cities, are all Casino. Maybe because of this, this city only shows its charm at night. A beautiful night city.

Here we were after the dinner, The Sands Casino!

A friend i met when he visited KL last year, and now we met again at where he is working now.

There is one common rule in all the casinos in Macau. No phototaking, everyone. Outside the building,YES; at the lobby, YES; but never inside the casino. It's kinda bothering me at first, because the interior deco is amazingly nice with the beautiful chandelier. Sigh,now a good reason for you to check it out yourself.

Since the idea of gamble was not the cup of tea for the ladies, we did not experience the fun of it. Luckily there are also some other light entertainments for people who do not gamble but enjoy chilling out at the bar in the casino. And we had few drinks at the bar by watching live perfomances of the in-house entertainers.

Stopped by the road and capture the night view.
We left after spending 2 hours in the casino. We felt extremely exhausted already.

On the way back to the hotel, Val and Levy has not finished their conversation over woman stuff. So we went to the girl's room to let them continue the talking part. Now, the camwhores started hunting around in the room to search for a nice angle.

'Stare at the lamp Jean but don't face here, look with the eyes and smileee just a little.....!'

Now you see the avid photographer filled with enthusiasm over my posing lol

Check out Levy's sexy back! I am so regret i did not snap a picture of it Dam! or you people will be drooling like a river!

The Big Four in the room. Alrite after having a great whole day, it's time to 'conserve' our energy for tomorrow. G'nite!

* Coming Next: The Grand Canal Shopping Centre, the arcade, the gondola, St Paul Cathedral and also the Portugese Tart.The arcade is built just the same as i saw in Venice, impressive..*

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