Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Macau Day 2

Val and I woke up late in the morning. So we did not know where to go for breakfast. Any breakfast offered in the hotel did not come in the package and it would be charged on separate bill. We did not join the group for breakfast either as the moment we stepped out our room was almost noon. So, we were not bothered to hunt for food in the hotel. We walked over to the Grand Canal Shopping Centre via lift. It was easy access to the shopping mall.

The Food Court in the Grand Canal Shopping Centre. The Sky is beautiful!!
When we walked out from the lift, this was where we found. The foodcourt!We can easily find local varieties here, they have chinese food, japanese food, korean food, and etc.

Combination of Char Siew and Chicken Rice= 45HKD=RM19!!!

Well i need to admit that this dish was a little pricey for the portion. I think we could possibly have half of the chicken served for four person back in Msia for the same amount we are paying. no no converting people. I keep on reminding myself at times, it's tiring to convert here and there when you're on vacation, provided more in the country which has high cost of living! Wait,i thought this is MACAU? the living standard also same as HK??

Anyway, the charsiew was quite nice though...:)

Famous Pork Chop Ramen= 30HKD=RM13

We noticed most of the patrons at the foodcourt ordered porkchop. So we pressumed that the pork chop must be tasty and famous here, so Val quickly lined up at the ramen counter to get one bowl of ramen with pork fillet!! It was soft and succulent not like the crispy type we usually have. Its not really surprising either and the noodle soup tasted like Ajinomoto soupie.

Cucumber soupie with Sea Cucumber
Ta-Da!! Another welcome dish by the friends of the organiser for lunch today.

OMG, we actually forgot that we had that filling rice and noodle for lunch!!!and the worst was we forgot about the actual lunch meetup with them! We were so regret...simply because there was no room in stomach for all the good stuff!

Girls posing in the Grand Canal Shopping Centre

After lunch, we were walking around the shopping complex! It is amazing! Look at the arcade, deco, lighting, river, gondola and anything you get to see here is EXACTLY the same as what you can see in VENICE!So are we in Venice now or Macau??

The Gondola ride is offered to the hotel residents for free.
What we love about this was the oarsman (Gondoliar) sang throughout the whole ride in we think was Italian or Venetian dialect. Haha i don't really quite know what was that but it sounded like PAvarotti so the songs were close to that type! Lol

The STONE MAN! He actually moved!!!

I've seen this in Europe before. However,when Liz and I first saw this, we were so ecstatic to see him posing in the same gesture for hours. Eyeing every single part of his body,we tried to spot the little movement possible. How can someone be so stone by not even letting you to see him breath!!

However, we bo
th giggled over silly jokes like dared each other to make him move. Kesiannye,people do this for a living,we wanted to kacau pulak. Btw, i was thinking to see him moves is more uncommon than seeing him not move!! And we actually saw him moved and walked away! Probably that was his break for lunch! Haha, i think we shall give him a break man!

Jean doing the Karen Cheng in the Loo...
Can you believe it? It's a toilet!I love the mirror!!

Macau under the broadlight..Something is missing??Yes it only charms at night:)

It's undeniably true to say that the Macau city looks really dead by daytime. Just plain and dull.

The heavenly nice Chocolate Sponge

and my not-so-heavenly Iced Chocolate

After OoooWoo-ing and Wowwwow-ing in the Grand Canal shopping centre, we realised it's just another shopping mall afterall. Sigh,the common girl's syndrome. There's only the shopping bit brings the excitement, and thats it. We were brought to check out another one of the latest and glamourous shopping Mall in town, The Wynn.

Cafe EsPlanda where we spent our lovely evening at...

Besides ramblings through the big branded shops for hours, there was no any excitement we could find here. We then rested ourselves for having an afternoon tea.

Levy and I posed with the 12 chinese zodiacs on the celing in THE WYNN shopping centre..

The girls snapped and snapped and snapped in millions poses here with the St Paul Cathedral

Okay now you see the old and traditional Macau. Yaay that's the way it should be baby..! Now we feel a total different atmosphere.

Val and Liz posed at the entrance of the famous Almond Biscuit Shop.

I believe this place is meant for tourists. The local will probably not enjoy coming here because this place is rather small and the shops here are mostly selling foods and drinks to the tourists.

The garden was decorated with adorable Olympics figures...

Beautiful sunset view near the lake.Here was just next to Tart Shop....

Liz posed with the Tart, she was holding it for picture purpose, then she put it back in the paper bag and save it for later. LOL!

It'd be definetely a regret for not having a famous Portugese Tart here.

We were having Portugese Cuisine at one of the local favorites' spots- NGA TIM CAFE

Yes, besides sightseeing and eating, basically there was no other thing to occupy us. This was dinner time again!

Soya Sauce Lala

Actually i ordered this. I remember long time ago i've watched one of the HK movies-The Mermaid played by Christy Chung.She ate something like this but it was hot and spicy. She wanted to gain back her pearl which she used it to save E-kin Cheng when he was once drowning in the sea. So she pretended her tongue was too spicy and burnt expecting that Ekin would kiss her.. Haha..when i shared this part, Alice was asking me :

'So you ordered this because you want to do the same is it?'

But this was not the one i wanted. I actually wanted the ChiliPepper sauce but i've accidentally pronounced wrongly in Canton, so ended up the lala was cooked in Soya Sauce.

Grilled Shrimp

Grilled Crab

The food overall was very salty and greasy..But they said this was the original savor of the dishes here. I still prefer our very home grown local grilled seafoods.

BTW, we had almost 10-12 dishes in total...and you think that was it?


papaya fungus soup

mango sago Loh

and the most Famous of all...the Chestnut soupie

We were too filling to make any comments on the desserts. My tongue was not sensitive to savor anything at this moment, Please come and try yourself...My stomach was bloated:(

Finally, the night still ended beautifully..oppps sorry the city was just about to begin its day again....



Hinky Pinky is back! said...

Hey girl you must have enjoyed yourself!! U have any idea how much is the ticket to HK Disneyland?? I'm planning to go there next year!!

xynthian said...

Can't wait to see the next post! great adventures!

Jeanious said...

HinkyPinky:Yea it was a fun trip!i think now they have a lot of promotions for HK disneyland tour, let me check with my friend then i get back to you!

Xynthian: Thanks for reading. I wish i have more time to do my updates:)

Hinky Pinky is back! said...

Thannks Jeanious!or Genious :P U can be my trip consultant edi!! Btw, do we Malaysian passport holder need a visa for Macau? I'm going to HK and Macau next year! so excited now!

Jeanious said...

Hey Hinky Pinky doll,

I've checked with my friend, if you book your ticket now for next year,it will be much cheaper.My friend who went on the same time as me bought the package 6months before only costed them RM700++ for both Macau/Hk !!

Jeanious said...

oh yeah and we need not Visa to travel between these two places. Not sure if they have new policy next year.