Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Aquamoist and Pillow Mist

My Favorite items of the month!

(A) JuJu Cosmetic -AQuamoist

When i was in HK, Ms Butterfly has requested me to help her purchase some of the skincare products which are not sold locally. So i went and looked around for her with the list. To my surprise, this brand was too popular!! Most of the products from the brand were sold out!! Really so good meh?? Yet, i went and tried few other SaSa outlets, and finally i found it in a pharmacy store called "Long Xing YOk Fong".

Besides getting what was in her list, i bought the AquaMoist Serum as well. It is amazing!! Just apply one or two drop on face before sleep, and it will work as a night mask when we're asleep. Very hydrating and the effect is better than applying weekly mask. so in love with it!!

(B) L'occitane Pillow Mist

Spray onto the pillow or sheets..the soothing ingredients help to calm tension and eventually repair sleep.

It has become my best sleeping partner, and the best travelling companion!

Despite having powerful skincare range, quality sleep is a Must! Since i've suffered from imsonia for months, i have come to realise how poor quality sleep can simply leave a bad impact on skin and body system! After been trying all the possible ways to fall asleep, i've given up. Imsonia drives me sick!!!

Thank god finally i've found the solution!
:) Now i am content with a good sleep and radiant skin.

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