Thursday, August 14, 2008

HK Day 3

After 2 night of luxury stay in Macau, it's time to 'swim across' HK!!
Transportation is good and convenient for visitors to do visiting in Hk from Macau, because the ferries depart every 30minutes. No advance booking is needed because the ticket is easily purchased at the counter.

However, keep in mind when selecting a return time that while you can board an earlier boat as a standby passenger for no charge, if you miss your time there is a penalty. Thus, we left with the earlier boat to save more time for the shopping heaven.

Wooo hooo we were on the Super Class with TurboJet
Normal Seat was about half of the price of Super class...

We often watch HK citizen working in Macau in the drama travel through and flow from these two places by ferry. If they were to travel like that everyday, how much does the ferry ticket cost them alone?

This is what you get if you purchase the super class seat..

Clear scenery is a hard-to-come-by view in HK. The air is often polluted.

Our room in HK.

Of course,if to compare the suite we had in Macau, it'll be like earth and hell difference. But in HK, room with such size is considered more than average already. Atleast we did not need to worry our legs would be knocked by the bed once we openend the door.Lol We have been told often like this before coming here.

First welcome dish in HK by the HK guests.
Fried Fish Skin, sorrie i do not know the proper name :S

No actual picture of the food was taken, so please refer the menu to have some ideas:)

We arrived at HK by 4:30pm. It was too early to have dinner so Blaunch (Prof Chris' PA) brought us to eat something light. We had quite a few bowls of Wanton Mee, Beef noodles, with many many different types of 'balls". Meatballs, i mean! hehe i find dining in HK street stalls is a fun experience. However, due to limited space in the shop, we might not experience the fun with big bunch of people. Therefore, i did not get the chance to snap the food one by one...very chaotic!

This restaurant is only 5-minute walking distance from the City Garden Hotel, North Point

We regained energy and started strolling along the streets!

Crowd is everywhere and anytime in HK. The streets barely get deserted, i was once told by the HK people. Perhaps our Beauty queen was way too outstanding with her big red floral dress, it caught the attention of the people whenever she swung by..Wooo hoo that sings the word-pretty woman, walking down the street!

We at Victoria Harbour
One of the must-go places in HK. The night view by the harbour was impressive.Especially by overlooking at the lights from the tiny spots of building was inspiring. 10-minute walk along the bay was enough, let's go for dinner!

Mmm...Korean Buffet BBQ

One of the favorite spots for Korean BBQ Buffet in HK.
The food in general was not surprising, but the variety of food we could find here was satisfying. The served several types of fresh beef, pork, lamb,chicken slices, as well as the marinated ones with many other dishes like KimChi and veggies. The ingredients were superbly fresh.

Professor Chris was one of the judges for MMU.
A very cheeky man that wanted to pose like us.

I simply like to take snapshots of the street..Its hard to see street in HK can be this quiet.


A little upsetting that i've set the wrong mode of the camera. I often forget that i should not put the mode on Slow Synd if it was to be taken by others. The shots just won't work with shaky hands:(

Anyway it was a pretty fun roadtrip for the first day.. mmm nono we havent done the shopping yet! Stay Tune:)

* Coming Next: Shopping, Eating, Shopping, Shopping and Shopping..*


xynthian said...

What a happening place!! I WAnna go!!

Jeanious said...

Haha which part of the places was happening to you? I would say in general HK is a very happening place to visit,well next time if you're going,please drag me along!!

xynthian said...

Yah!! EVery part! Too bad I can't speak canto.. T____T