Saturday, August 23, 2008

HK Last Day

This post is all about yummy food in HK.
Hey people,get ready with your tummy!

Early morning, our Miss Val was already busy promoting the shop. She was always seemed more excited for this part rather than the eating part haha.. and most of the HK people saw us taking picture here and there, they often gave us a very 'one-kind' look possibly thinking 'these people never come out to town before ar'?

who cares what you think? and you should be the one saying thank you for us to help promote your country:)

Yau Char Kuai, Meatball porrige, and Dumpling

Zhu Zhap Zhuk

Hk people often eat this for breakfast.

Blaunch is a pretty lady who arranged our itineries for the whole trip.She's the PA of Professor Chris.

This place was also not very far from the hotel we were staying..

After breakfast, Prof Chris insisted that we should pay a visit to his office,and so he brought us here at his 'trophy mountain' office. *Impressive!

The long long escalator reminds me of the European's one...

One thing that we were very proud of this trip was we did not worry about our transportation. We had a dedicated chauffeur driver everywhere we went in HK. I guess we were too pampered, so Blaunch suggested we should try taking the underground to atleast feel the real bit of HK living.

Shooping time!!!

Miss Val found something! Let's see!

MAny Many different types of satay snacks! Got sausage, sotong,crabstick,meatball,etc....

Che Zai Mien 车子面

This was my most favorite food out of all i've had in HK!! The soup may look very muddy and dirty, but this is what the noodle famous for. You get to pick your preferred side dishes, but my lil suggestion to you,please pick the braised beef belly!

Why i would say we were being served like a VIP during this trip was because whatever we felt like eating, they would bring us to eat !

Its not Tau Foo Fa! It's Ginger steamed Egg!
MUST-TRY!!This is slurrrpppppeeee.....!even smoother than Tau Foo Fa.. !

Original Steamed Egg 炖蛋

Steamed Egg with RedBean 红豆炖奶

Pork Fillet Burger 猪扒包

i've always wanted to eat this.Since i've missed the one in Macau, so they ordered this for me. I looove pork chop!

Roast Pigeon 烧乳鸽

This is one of signature dish in HK. It comes in plain fried or braised sauce. The crunchy skin simply drives you crazy! Sinful Sinful dish!

Souffle 疏富利

Special dessert served hot. It was done by us within 5 minute!I craved for another one but i din get the chance:(

What more??
They even brought us to have the finest chinese cuisine!

Lobster platter 龙虾拼盘

Shark Fin Soup鱼翅高汤

Mini Abalone 迷你小鲍鱼

Goose Flapper 鹅掌

Special Fish Head 特别鱼头

Coconut Steamed Milk 椰汁炖奶

Freshly-baked egg tart 新鲜蛋挞

Flower Petal Jelly 桂花糕

When we just arrived at the entrance of the restaurant, the receptionist was "scanning" us from head to toe and she was very reluctant to welcome us. While waiting for Prof.Chris to lead us into the restaurant,we all looked pretty funny standing there and felt as if this was a place only meant for the rich&famous. The receptionist,however, could not stand anymore but pointing at me, i was thrilled and when she was about to open her mouth, the manager just stepped out and stopped her.

The manager smiled gently and led us to the restaurant. Then only i realised, in certain restaurants in HK, we need to dress up properly or else we'll not be entertained. *swt

Like this one i am saying..

Night View at The Peak
Finally this was the last spot we visited before we left on the next morning.
Beautiful Hk, goodnite:)

This Part is specially for you Mellie Bee!! I know you won't 'Fong Guo' me if i didn't show you my shooping loooooots!

Here you go!!

(1) Staccato
My top favorite pair of heels grabbed during the sale! It was HK777 after 60% discount, and it is made of genuine leather, so i think it was quite a good bargain.

(2) Shelly's
I love pumps! Got it for HKD199-best buy item.

(3) Millie
Another best buy item at HKD199. Buying shoes in HK is rather expensive and think
about it. RM90+ for a pair of sandals is not actually cheap compare to local. But then, in HK the figure 199 probably is just like 19.90 in KL.

My new items in the closet.
Ta-Da!I bought them mostly from the small boutiques where we found by the streets. The clothes selling in the boutiques are not cheap,and if you wish to bargain with the owner, just forget it. They will not entertain you:)

Don't ask me why i bought this hahaha..i know you'd say it's kinda lala, i know you, don't laff..Well it caught my eye first i saw. The colors are Q!and don't try to look at it like a kiddy bag its not actually, the size is big enough to keep my daily thrashy stuffs:) Anyway it has the 'minimalist' elemet in it what Lol*

The Protector
I have a habit of collecting ziraffe goodie, be it a soft toy or keychain. So far i have managed to bring home at least one ziraffe goodie from each place i have travelled. And this one i got it from Temple Street in HK.

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