Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Eiffel Charm

I've been droooling over and over and over the little tower swing...


Anonymous said...

this eiffel is expensivenya~~~

i think able to get a ticket to the real eiffel...haha

zay said...

How expensive? Like Cartier?
Looks really classy *i like*
So you gettin better babe? Drink more water and gargle whenever you can :)

Jeanious said...

Annonymous: Getting this and going to the real one both are my dreams haha..guess i've been casted a spell on by eiffel, ro-man-tik-nye!!

Zay: Hey babe, it's really expensive, you can check the price from T&co website i think the one with the chain costs bt 615£ if not mistaken..awww it's so tempting*
Thanks so much for your concern darl,im much better now,very careful with food!

zay said...

Hey, tell me what to do in HK! I am going next week... Where's the best shopping place? the last time i was there was like 10 yrs ago... :(
Mana ada best Dim Sum???