Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lynette,the little princess's wedding

Lynette once said all she wants for her wedding is a simple but warm dinner. She only wants a garden decor only with beautiful flowers and simple settings. We all witnessed this little dollie princess has finally granted her wish of having a fairy tale wedding. Two lovely one,holding hand in hand,giggling among each other over their little warm dinner and made every guest felt like home.

MR T made a song dedication to the Bride, who knows he got dragged to the stage and sang* He sang the final line to Lynette,' You look wonderful tonight'..

Kath Leen is Lynette's best mate since kindergarden. She has heavenly good voice that we all almost dropped mouth open while she was singing the Jim Brickman's My Valentine.Applause*

Lynette's little baby niece,Zhou Ee was enjoying herself that night,too...

The live band was the only entertaining programme of the night. Coincidentally, we picked the table just next to this wonderfully good singing band. All the old good chinese and english oldies were played throughout the dinner. The familiar rhythm has made the crowd sang along, yeah, almost all guest out of a sudden,singing high...and even the little one, was dancing around the floor.

The prince and the princess

Need i say more?? She has finally met her long waited prince, and they will never be apart anymore:)

Another pair of Prince and Princess
Wooo hooo....Jen & Nic

I understand thy kisses, and thou mine,
And that's a feeling disputation.
William Shakespeare

A beautiful garden.
A simple dinner.
A number of great great songs.
A pair of overjoy wedding couple.
A bunch of good crazy buddies.
A smell of love in the air.
A perfect wedding.

A happy group portrait looking cheerful and smiley.

Look how the flowers drove the men crazy!

Ms Moy said in this picture, we have Miss Japan, Miss India, and Miss China in the background;because the 3 chicks look as if they are posing for the Miss international pose.

....well, not until you see the girls with flowers!!! haha

Little princess, we wish you a happy marriage, and looking forward to visiting your castle in Perth one day.

*Coming up: Lynette's Wedding dinner for groom's side in KK.Let's be patient and see how the groom needed to do before picking up his bride!*

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