Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lynette's wedding in KK

5 chi muis and 2 heng dai from the girl's side!

Lynette,here we come!!!!


" Welcome all of you, but please wait with patience!"
"First task to accomplish, you are given one full plate of mooncakes. Inside each mooncake you'll find a little wording from A-Z, please find the wording for the name of the bride."
' Yes, her name is LYNETTE'

For some reasons, we believe that the crowd might have eaten the wording together with the mooncake, therefore they cant find the correct spelling for the bride's name.

"Since you can't get her name, then make a word with the little wording that you want to express to her"


Alright, let's move on to task 2.

Well, maybe we have been too nervous with such big group of people. We have been told to be gentle with the bridegroom for he grunged he only had small little gang of supporters. and Who knows,we have been fooled! and guess what, his supporters are way too spontaneously supportive!

Vinegar + Yogurt +Wasabi = Sour Delicacy

Black Coffee + Cincau = Bitter Delicacy

Fresh Banana + Freshly chopped Chili Padi = Spicy Delicacy

" Cheh, like that only is it...No problem la !!!"
Within 1 minute, the wasabi-ish yogurt is finished!

" Ohh banana only,come all heng tais! Let's just finish it!"
OMG, it is just a peanut for them!

"Bump-ing?? Iya, easy la! Ah Boy,come! Do 30 or 50? Show them your power! "
Wahseee, we all nearly faint. What a task? The level of difficulty to them is O! LOL

As discussed earlier with our princess about the challenge, we have came out with the theme called " Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Spicy". Of all these little challenges, it indicates a meaningful message behind for the bridegroom. Hehe, don't ask me:)

It says in Chinese, "Chui Wei (Lynette), I Love You, Chun Haw(Bridegroom)"

The bridgroom showed his artpiece in glee.

Okay, we are greatly impressed with your supportive group of force!
It's your turn now, Mr Bridegroom. We know you can't read or write Chinese, still you gotta accomplish this one by yourself.
" Use only your mouth to hold the pen, and write as shown in the paper"

The long waited princess has finally met her prince.
What a beautiful capture!

All pictures taken from Lynette. Captured by her professional photographer-Jeffrey Wong

This was the her second wedding dinner we attended in Kota Kinabalu.
It was a wonderful trip!
A Wonderful wedding again!


anything said...

wah happy and fun~~~

oh...jealous lo...

dunno when i marry that time can hav such fun time or not...

mine must be boring.... -_-

Jeanious said...

hehe then u must have one bunch of crazy buddies to do this for you:)

anything said...

the point is...i dun hav...kesian

Jeanious said...

Annonymous: Okay la since you say until so kesian, let me know then i help you form a team on your big day:D