Thursday, September 25, 2008

Small note for you, Lynette

Dear Net Net,

Thanks for the precious arrangement given to all of us for this was the first time we travelled together, we had not have so much fun in a while back! and we forgot to share you the embarrassing story on the departure day from KK. Lol*

Clifford and Hammie ordered a meal in one restaurant at KK airport before boarding. The girls were very concerned of the food quality so we did not bother to make order along.

But then,we all saw the boys having the plate of rice+fries+and freshly fried chicken seemed fresh and tasty! Ads insisted she wanted to eat on plane, so four gatal girls went and ordered the food at the very last minute, and the food only arrived when the boarding annoucement was made! Four beautiful flowers (Moy, Rach, Stef, and Me) swallowed everything in 5 minute!

Each with their own plate,not sharing! Can you imagine how kelam kabut it was!Once we sapu everything,we all just grabbed our bags and ran to the boarding gate with full-mouth rice, and still chewing... and Guess what!!! Ms Stef can't find her boarding pass!!! Ms Moy was very Kin-Cheong, we all were sweating hard! The air stewardess quickly talked via her walkie-talkie to hold the flight.

"Oh god, don't tell us you lost it girl!!"
" Oh its HERE!!!!" With all the stares at her, she pulled out a small piece of paper from her purse!

At last, we were not that late though!We managed to catch the flight with all the stare of patrons in the plane, sweating all over and seated,breathing hard. The smell of the chicken still lingered in my mouth. Lol. And guess what, one big plate of chicken rice with fries did not stop us from ordeing one set of Chessy Sandwiches, Roti Jala and 1901 hotdog bun! LoL*

Of course there is so much to share...
Btw,we all feeling happy and sad at the same time for you. You have found your new home in Perth, means we don't get to see you as we like anymore. We will not worry about you for we believe you'll be fully taken care of by your Prince. Do update us on your life okay, i am sure Ms Fairy Tale will be greatly inspired by you. Haha, she will know who she is. Not to forget, keep us in the loop if there is any updates on Mr P & Ms R!

Happy Forever Princess!

With love,
all of us


Lynette said...

hi dearie!! your blog is so wonderful and it's too touching for me to see and read them!! thank you ! looking at the pics only makes me miss u girls even r u all over there? my life here far so good up the house everyday...wash this and that till my hand chao pei...moy told me to buy expensive handcream, and it happened to let yao saw it, and he make a joke that moy is not a good friend...haha! oh by the way, kathleen is my my friend since kindergarden ..not primary school, and my niece is Zhou Ee, lots of ppl mistakenly thought her name is Joey. but anyway, thanks for capturing her, i heard from my sis that she was dancing all night long!

Jeanious said...

oopss okie...i've corrected them!

huh??How can prince let princess do all this n until chao pei sommore!Very badla first week already like this!Kenot dy we must go there n show him lesson hahaha!

We all had so much fun at your wedding,as if it was our party!hahaha,Zhou Ee was really cute,she've been dancing all night long!

Perhaps you shall start a blog now and update us on your life!

Jeffrey said...

Dear Jeanious, truly love your blog here. Its wonderful. So envy that you been to many country. Nice capture. Send my regards to all of the bridesmaid and bestman. You are all wonderful. :pPppPppp...