Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Star Eater

After the giraffes eaten all the stars,
the whale sleeping at the end of the world will be awaken and sing the most beautiful and happiest song.

Buwawa said that stars was once peoples' tears.
I wonder why are so many people crying as the girraffes can barely finished the stars.

Of late, i've found this interesting website-Soloist, that displays wonderful drawings, and i particularly love this one. I have plenty of ziraffes with me everyday,now i know where my tears have gone to. I really love the idea of the drawing, perhaps now i know what their long necks are for:) Hopefully they only eat the crying star, not the smiling one.


soloist said...

Thanks for loving them~
I'm sure they'll love their new home~

xynthian said...

They are darn cute. Hhah.. great imagination

Jeanious said...

I love Ziraffe!

中华英雄 said...

long time neva update ur blog de???recently bz apa???anyway like your new "about me"~~~ cheers!

Jeanious said...


Thanks for your support, was lazy over the holiday hehe i will update more often de!!