Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pick A Dress

Coming friday, i will be attending as a model for the hair show organised by Chezz Technique Saloon. The hairshow will be held at the orange club.

Just tried on the hairstyle of my theme weeks before, BOMB--astic! Not telling you how i look, but its gonna be a very wild wild wild WOW look! Mmmm how excited! The best part is we get to select the dress provided by TANGOO for the show, of course one goes well with the theme.

Let's have a look on the dresses,
Well, 3 main point to determine the selection:
(a) It has to be long, (the organiser's requirement)
(b) My theme is more like an African Maasai style
(c) It has to be sleek, stylish, and of course WOO-HOO...

Okay people, make a choice!

The flower printed kimono-like long dresses

Mmm Ms Moy said i don't look good at all in dresses like this. She said i look like one pale floating skeleton:(
But... I personally love the purple in the middle, it makes me feel so BOhemian!

Sexy and elegant gowns in various colors

They all looking pretty for dinner and functions, but they want something more than it for the show. *Scratch head

The Hawaiian Peacocks

Ooppssss I love them all, especially the one in orange! But they said they were too soft for my theme..*Sweats

So tell me, what's your pick?


xynthian said...

Seriously, dunno which to pick. All look so pretty on you.

melly said...

i like the purple bohemian too
either that or the hawaiian greenish one

小瀛洲 said...

frankly speaking...dont really match your theme le!!!
i'm sure there are more suits your outfit out there!

look forward to see moreeee ya!

p/s:hope you dont mind that i'm being busy body.

JamesBond said...

The flower printed kimono-the purple one

Sexy and elegant gowns in various colors-have no idea...

The Hawaiian Peacocks-the orange 1...

OMG i have the same choice as u do...i think our 眼光 are the same...

invite me over to see ur hairshow le...

Jeanious said...

Xynthian: Haha..i personally think that way too,oops perasanye!*lol I love all of them!

Melly: We have the same preference babe!!!!The shop has really nice dresses, we shop when u're back!!

小瀛洲: Hey dear, no worries! I appreciate your sincere comment though,but the selection is quite limited as many other models are struggling to look for the perfect one too:( Hehe, not telling u which one i have chose, u come to the hair show la!!

JamesBond: Good taste!!! Now you are officially invited to attend the hair show held on 10th OCt, Orange Club! Dresscode is black and white:) So r u sure u will be coming?

Bangsar-bAbE said...

You look nice in the Hawaiian Peacocks orange dress. Very ethnic feel. ;)

JamesBond said...

ok no prob...wat time???

Jeanious said...

Bangsar-babe: Thanks for dropping by babe! Yeah i dam love it, but then its bit pricey for me to own it:(
Let's go shopping together, im sure you'll find your surprise.

Jamesbond: Hey, here is the detail.
Venue: Orange Club, Jln Kia Peng,KL
(next to Hakka restaurant)
Time: 7pm (check-in time)
Dresscode: Black & White
Entrance: RM35

In fact,you will need to buy the ticket to enter:( You need my help in getting the tics for u?