Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Love KL

Thanks for the sincere comment on my wardrobe selection for the show tomorrow. In fact, i have already made a choice out of the beautiful dresses. I am not telling you which one,hehe..

If you'd love to find out, come see me live la,there will be other interesting performances too:

Date: 10th Oct 08,Friday

Time: 7pm (check in time)

Dresscode: Black and White
Venue: (BBC) Borneo Baruk Club/ Orange Dance Club, Jln Kia Peng, KL

Entrance Fee: RM35 (every RM5 will go to the charity fund)
Tickets can be purchased at the reception counter.

The impressive fashion piece of New York Skyline created by Zang Toi (Source from The Star)

Btw, just came by to read the article titled 'I Love New York' on the star online yesterday. What a piece of fashion! How will it look if they use the Paris skyline and has Eiffel Tower in it!Too bad Zang Toi is a NYorker rather than the Parisian, but his inspiration is greatly a world recognition. So we should look up to the local designs;and hopefully one day we will have our very own art piece titled 'I Love K L'.

See you tomorrow:)


靖雯 said...

babe..i saw aquamoist products in jusco today =)

Jeanious said...

Hey babe,Really??? This product is my life now:D I must go and find out now,hehe...Thanks!

a_luan 舒鸾心情记录 said...

i know which dress is chosen by u on that night...
dear, happy to see u