Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October Issue

Pargolf and Me

My very first time with Pargolf, one of the local leading golf magazines. It was a pretty fun experience to me. All thanks to Mr.Doyle-my collegemate that i used to threaten him by wanting to cook him in a pot anytime when he provokes me( i call him HObbit and he calls me Giant) for having my face in the magazine. I love all the golf apparels i wear for the shoot though some of the trousers look big on me, haha...but Gayanye! Check me out in the October issue.

The happily reunited Giant and Hobbit...its good to see you again!
ehh..You've grown up so come we look almost the same height err? You are not so hobbit afterall...! Lol

My Safari adventure with Cocorich

Just attended the KLPF (KL photography festival) for Cocorich event with Amber, Jojo, Shirley and June. The number of photographers and the amount of lights can simply make me blind, can die. No joke, that's just unimaginably packed!if you missed the event, you can visit the website to read the blog or check out the collection!

Just a little update on my appearance in October, phew* time flies like a rocket :'O two more days to say goodbye to October!


---Olivia. JR--- said...

wow like ur golf apparels especially the below-left (pink and grey combination), look stylish & smart yea~~

Jeanious said...

Hey olivia.jr!

How r u?
Thanks...acting smart je...i tak tau golf langsung,but then if wear smart like that and go can tipu abit la:D

---Olivia. JR--- said...

hehe fine here~~
juz sometime like walking panda, everyday feel like wanna sleep in da office haha..

I pun tak tau golf hehe, like game for old and serious ppls XD

Jeanious said...

typical working life huh? understand:

One day when i see you playing golf, meaning we are both ageing gracefully ke ke ke..

---Olivia. JR--- said...

Yaya, typical working life everyday..
Arrgh~~ ageing~~