Saturday, October 25, 2008

Reminisce of Paris

A walk on the street

Strolling along the streets in Paris is simply a big enjoyment, especially for those who loves to sightsee the very ordinary and typical scenes in the city. The streets in Paris is never quiet but not too busy. The convenience of the underground transportation makes the walking even easier by having each stations every 5 minutes distance. If you are feeling tired of walking, pick any of the cafes, bars, or any restaurants you may find anywhere and have a latte or hot chocolate for a short break. You may find it suprise, most of the tables in the cafe are rather small and only comes in two seats. Often if you pick the seat outside the cafe,the armchairs are placed on the left and right of the table,so the patrons are facing out the streets. E'nuf said, the purposely is clearly illustrated. Sipping your coffee and have some cookies to bite, relax and watch the Parisians walk-by scene.
Ah...i miss the Coco..

Have a French Onion Soup

Besides Coffee and bread, French Onion Soup is a popular French puree. French onion soup is cooked with onion
and beef, and cheese as toppings. It is served as a starter in a pot while it is hot with some bread on the plate. A very tantalizing dish that one should not miss,especially in the winter. The onion tastes soft like mash, and the meat is brewed with the aroma of the onion. The French has their eating habits and culture, i think i have made several mistakes by having a simple meal like this.

While eating the bread, you should tear your bread into a bite-sized piece before eating it.
It is very impolite to take a bite from the whole piece of bread.

Guess what? I was too hungry that i stuffed the whole bread in the soup and opened my big-wide mouth...and swallowed it....and licking my finger..:) Yummy.

Learn more about
French table manner and eating habit to avoid the embarrass stares from the waitors like me:P

Sitting in the garden can be calming.

A jog in the Luxembourg Garden (
Jardin du Luxembourg)

The garden is a common leisure spot for the French. It is a public park where the local young children and parents to spend the beautiful evening together. The place is popular for its tranquilizing atmosphere. It is a perfect place to read on the bench, or to do picnic under the trees.
Despite having a big beautiful pond in the center of garden, many statues and sculptures are found in the garden.

Experience the Eiffel Tower

Named after its designer, engineer Gustave Eiffel, the Eiffel Tower is the tallest building in Paris. Needless to elaborate on this, this is the soul building in the city. I think many will find it as cliche as it sounds, the tower makes people fall in love or at least make them feel they are in love. Well, i am not being stereotype saying that romance shall only happen or be discovered here. But it is a very true feeling that i once felt that way by watching at this beautiful tower. *winks

Overlooking the Seine River

Seine River is just right next to the Eiffel tower, yes, that's the one you often see as the backdrop in the postcard. Tourists can never miss the river when they tour around Paris but they often neglect it as one beautiful attraction. Walking by the river is refreshing and the air is cooling thus far in winter. The cruise and dinner tour is offered to those who love to sightsee from the riverboats. It is a little pricey for a student like me during my trip, so ms Butterfly and i walked almost the whole city until our feets cried themselves to stop.

Now i miss the walking part..

Taking picture on the road which leads to the Arc de Triomphe

It may sound crazy and odd by standing in the middle of road, making a pose, and smile for a picture;whilst the Parisian drivers throw you a queer smile. You will never be alone by doing that. It is a very common scene where tourists take turn to capture the shot at the same spot, and from the very same angle. Crossing the road and walk on the Champs-Elysees street, you get to indulge in the most enjoyable shopping sphere!From LV, to Lancel or even LongChamp will help to cheer up your sore feets.

It was three years back since i travelled to Europe. I wonder when i get to revisit the beautiful city again. Well, more to write if i can think of anything else. Ciaoz!


xynthian said...

Sounds so interesting. I'm thinking of going there maybe this Christmas...
Start saving money first. Haaaha....
Come back n be my guide! :)

Jeanious said...

actually theres more about paris, but dont have the time to write it all:( guess what,i missed london during my trip, sigh so you will have to be my guide instead!!

Jeanious said...

and going to Paris during X'mas?? Aw.....i am jealous!!