Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Grayish Tuesday

Somehow life is like a color plate.
You may not like certain colors,
but they create good effects with the color you fancy.
You may only think your world is just black and white,
and somehow there is always a gray area we call it.
I believe it takes a mixture of colors to create the sparks in life.
Whether you like it or not, they exist in your world.
It is a resemblance of the phrase saying life is like a big melting pot.
Experience the difference,and you will always be different.

i always think i am pretty much like a grown-up now, no more in my highschool sweet 16. By having thought like that, i always feel compelled to act more mature in whatever i do;at least be mature in the way i think. I almost lose my cool today due to a very bad mood. A very bad one i mean. i have not been like this in a long time.

I have always been thinking, i am not a person that easily lose cool over petty stuff, unless the particular incident does matter to my temper. *Phew..now i do not know what is happening to me. Is it because i have set a very high expectation on myself or the people who give me promises? Or having high hope on those who draft me a beautiful picture yet it turns out really out of expectation?

'Should i move on? or should i stay?
Where is my direction? Can somebody lead me?'

Please do not tell me i do not look like one that seems so lost. Yes, i am a lost child, stuck in a dilemma, one that i've struggled a while back.
Suddenly, i feel really empty. Empty with false expectations.

and oh yea...i am now find gray is my color.
Share me some colors, will ya?


Anonymous said...

Dear, would you like to meet up for a cup of coffee? and main while pls think positively, try to accept all the colors. It's the fact of life, we cant avoid certian things but try to learn how to handle it, ok? miss you always,
take care.fang

Jeanious said...

Thanks dear.I am sure you can read me. Well i am still at the very 'lost' stage. Still struggling to figure out the probs and hopefully like what you say,i get to handle it. Miss you dear, i call you soon alrite. *huggies.

Anonymous said...

well life is like a box of chocolate......some u like some u dont.......is just what ur going 2 do about it!

---Olivia. JR--- said...

Dear, me also got the same feelings as u mentioned T__T, but think:'every problem has a gift for us in its hand', then might feel better afterwards. Hugssss~~

Jeanious said...

anonymous: Thanks for making me a sweet comment to cheer me up!

Rhu Rhu: Don't feel gray,we shall feel no gray anymore!We can change the world, maybe not others,but we can bring more colors to ourselves.I know what bothers you,face it and get it over,it's just a phase:)