Sunday, November 16, 2008

M.A.C Red night

The fashion people in a line.

Val. Non. Renee.Hideaki

The TV people in a line.

Abang Naz. Daphne.Ginny. Ellen

Brian. Val.

Beauty queen Cindy

Working for a new position(not promoted mate..just a new role) in a new department in the existing company will not stop me from blogging :P maybe the entry just don't come as frequent or as quick as it used to be..

...attended the event last week by colleague's invitation.

The event was pretty grand in decor, the color red really made the theme!The programme was not too good though, people were all around the place and there was no one center point to focus at. Well maybe thts the point, it was meant for the guests to mingle around. Luckily we still managed to have some fun..

Before that, we were so concerned of the red theme,so for the sake of being safe,Ellen and i wore the redish dressie for the event, but at the same time, worried if we looked too red for a CNY* Cocorich saved my life :) If you like my red dressie, go visit the website and get one in blue or black, trust me, it is gorgeous!


gueri said...

you are pretty in the red dress =)

Jeanious said...

Thank you Gueri!!!

JamesBond said...


---Olivia. JR--- said... ur red dress, seem the best outfit among ur frens~~

Jeanious said...


Thanks rhu rhu..let me know if you wanna purchase the dresses k *winks