Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saving Face

Recently just watched this highly recommended movie introduced by Lionel on the other day i saw her on MSN. I chuckled for abit when she asked me to search for the title 'Saving Face' on youtube. The title sounds a little unreal yet funny..and for one sec i thought the movie could be a Singaporean one. lol* Well, i was so anticipating to watch the movie as i was told by Lionel,

'i think u'll love the movie, though its about two chinese-american lesbians... '


Its not just about the two lesbians,of course, the story is so entertaining and inspiring especially to all chinese from all places!Though watching it on youtube in 13 screens is not so perfect, but overall the movie is good.

The story starts with a girl named Wilhemia, who is a surgeon that lives with her mother and grandparents in the states. Her mother always concerns for her daughter who still a single, and often trying to match her with her friend's son. But Wil is a gay and she is in love with a dancer girlfriend-Vivien. On the other hand, Wil's mother comes home one day with her unwed pregnancy, that shocks the whole family. For Wil's grandpa is a reputable man in the chinese circle of friends, he cant accept the fact that his daughter got pregnant with an unknown man.

Well,i would say the movie does reflect a very real scene of the generation gap in the chinese though they have been living more than a decade in the states. And its funny to see how typical chinese hold onto the very typical value of 'think before you act, and make sure you don't lose face of the family'.Ahh... im sure this is one of the issues faced by most chinese. I personally love the plot very much. For Wil's scenario, though she is all born and bred in the states, she can't seem to escape from the chinese traditions.

Hey peeps, if you have nothing to do at home, do watch this over the weekend.
It will give you a good laugh:D

Have a Good Saturday!


ken said...

haha saw this kind of funny & weird .....

Jeanious said...

u watched whole 13 scenes or just this??
watch the entire movie mate, its real funny!


ken said...

is old movie la ..... watch b4 d chick like a chick so wasted :P

Jeanious said...

haha yea i think quite some tim dy...
the girl so hot huh!