Friday, April 17, 2009

Sinful Palette

i knew it. i just knew it!

i just know everytime when i meet Mark, he will give me a pressie. Aww...though during this visit back to KL was for a sad purpose,it was still great meeting him and his wife again. But yet, this palette is gonna kill me for some reasons. I have tried to not look at it, touch it, or even think about it.'s too tempting! and there goes the never ending story of my forehead ACNE.


The day when i received the palatte, i just dumped the box into the fridge so i will not be tempted. Mmm...but then since mom was asking if its edible else she will throw it away. Haha so i quickly opened the box for sharing. When i unwrapped the palette, i was like ' the nice' ..., and i told myself,' look only and don't touch', sheet* i can't..i just cant resist. so i picked only ONE, yes the ONE in pink. Double sheet* first bite was amazing!! The cherry in the chocolate just melted like that, and the aroma of sweet alcohol liquid filled all over my feels so sinful...

Now my acne on my forehead has made a BIG comeback, with more members.
Aw...Kill me!


melly said...

nemai, eat first... think later =D

Jeanious said...

kenot hun, the acne is killing me fast and violent. I have a big war with them!

Hinky Pinky is back! said...

wow Godiva delicious man!!

Jeanious said...

Hinky Pinky:Yup...sob sob i only managed to take one from the palette!