Friday, May 15, 2009

First pre-518 day

With a classic tabloid-menu,

in a cozy setting with lots of small pine trees,

creme brule & a hot chocolate lava cakes are good for sweet tooth!

At another corner with a beautifully-illustrated menu,

the burger in the picture has tempted me...

and... somehow A real teriyaki Pork Burger has surprised me!
Sometimes, there is menu don't lie:)

What's more....

You have made my night!
The little eiffel has conquered me,'s so lovely!


小瀛洲 said...

Nice bracelet from thomas sabo!

Happy Birthday!

Jeanious said...



---Olivia. JR--- said...

yea........Tat Thomas Sabo bracelet really nice :)

Dearie...WIsh u Happy Happy Birthday~~~All the best to U!


两粒米 said...

Happy Birthday Jean.

Hinky Pinky is back! said...

Happy Birthday girl!! Enjoy your life :D

FANG said...

dear, where is the Kissaten cafe?looks very interesting.

Jeanious said...

Thank you everyone!!Love you heaps,babes!!! I hope all of you always stay in the pink of health,be pretty and enjoy your life always!

Jeanious said...

Fang: Dear,this place is quite nice..very comfortable restaurant and the menu is very very nice.Its located at level one,Jaya one (upstairs brussels).The food is fusion, and its not bad:)

zay said...

Happy BDAY Babe! Sowee my wishes came in a bit late... hehehe omg, i love the eiffel tower! So nice!!!!

P.s. yea i've been to Kissaten too, but didnt grab much things to bite... but i kinda love Brussels... hehe... Again, Happy Bday!!! Stay pretty, young and successful!!!

Jeanious said...

Hey Zay Baby,

Thank you for your bday wishes!

I also didn't have much to grab at Kissaten too,but i like their menu very much:) hehe what an excuse:P

Anyway,i wish you all the best in your online biz too babe!!! the babies stuff are gorgeous!!