Monday, May 18, 2009

Second pre-518 day

The cheeky lia members have given me a little surprise.
Though i do not know who the attendees are and the venue to set in beforehand,
i am very much in an anticipating mood for my little dinner!

little prawns for starter...

thereafter comes the lamb shank...

then the salmon fillet i ordered...

and also the special chicken 'combo' for Rach..


I can taste the sourness of the prawn,
and the sweetness of my fish,
then i can feel the succulent and juicy bit of the lamb,
afterall, I can't taste anything with the aroma!
I am having a serious flu!

My beautiful cakes from my babies!

Hooray, i am one year younger *winks

Can i keep this bit?
haha... the 100 'carOt' diamond is mine!

I love you, the crazy metropolitians from my neighbour college!
This is our sixth bday celebration already!!!

and of course not forgetting my beloved Taylor's divas!!

and thank you to all of you too, Shy Guys!

You never let me down, my friends:)

Moy says:

No beautiful wishes here but a beautiful heart for u whenever you need.muackxx..

What more to ask?

They make me feel everyday is my birthday:)

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