Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bangkok 2009

We hate to admit that the mask somehow makes us suffocating after wearing it for awhile.
What to do, Moy insists that we should always consider 'Protection First.'

While camwhoring,
Moy keeps emphasizing, ' no need to smile ladies, cannot see your face OK'

Three KL invaders arrived at the loo in bangkok airport.

It was already 6pm BKK time.

What a room!

We, overexcited for our deluxe size of bed!

Three ladies in a room, how we miss that atmosphere.
Powder, eyeliner, perfume, slippers, all we scream for before stepping out the door.

Morning mist, not in bkk, but in my camera.

What do we do the most in the city?

Walk on the street...

Walk to the mall....

Walk to the market...

and letting the sore feet cry themselves to find a place with cheap beer, and Cheers.

We hate bangkok JAM!

When hungry,
we would just eat anything at any stores/street stores we could find nearby.

We love tom yum kung, and the girls prefer the clear soup type.

And i love this particularly, Siew Yuk!

Noodle at Doo Dee Shop,Siam

This noodle has given us a great surprise, the soup is very good for appetite.
Sweet + Sour + Spicy = very Sexy taste!

Too bad the portion is too small!

Egg muffin, Mennon Store, by the street in Siam

Freshly out from the oven, it's a superb dessert!
Soft and puffy!

I call this a flinstone's pot.

It's too dark to eat at the valley,so we cant see whats inside the pot,
and we have no idea how to eat. The pot serves with 2 plate of raw veggies,
so we presume we shud be eating the normal steamboat way,
so Rach dumps everything into the pot, yet the pot is too small to fit.
Then only we realise the veggie should go in bit by bit together with the glass noodle,
and not one big chunk of veggies!

Its so so so HOT eating by the street, but the beef soup is good!

the blended lemongrass with honey is certainly a cool drink to sip on a boiling weather in BKK.

But rach still loves the Thai Vitagen the best!

Its time to do some shopping..

Colorful bangles..

A colour each for souvenir?

or A bottle of....Umbrella?

The leather goods are pretty creative for a souvenir, too.

Mmmm...Steffy is in love with the multi-coloured straps!
But she din buy in the end, it's too fragile to wear:(

A pair of Froggies for you??

or consider me?
oops.. i mean the reddish 'lam ah chan' style of glasses :P

Steffy's dissapointed face is telling us she can't find anything she loves from the market.
So moy suggests 'lets keep looking.'

Rainy day on Chaktuchak rather gets us down.

Heading to Swensen for a love bite!

A little gift and a special venue for a birthday lady.

What's your flavour?
Ice creams are ecstacy!

The guy with the 'Star Ring' in his hand is good, his one-man show put a very big smile on everyone's face! Especially the birthday girl,
she still remembers him from the last trip we did last year.

Haha, how i miss his blushing cheek when i told him, 'eh, my fren likes you,and she remembers you from the last trip!'

Happy Birthday woman, one more year with Grace!

Besides shopping and eating, there is one bigger mission to achieve, that is to do the prayer.

Flowers are seen everywhere in Bangkok, especially near the temple or anywhere you can find the buddha statues.

We are given a few insense sticks and 2 candles, and told they're for the prayers of love buddha. Since it's given for free, why hesitate more?

This is where you should do your prayers for love and relationship:)

If you are a strong believer in the four-faced buddha, please do not miss this in Erawan.

Look at the tiny shoes!
Where are these little owners?

There we see the owners of the tiny shoes in the temple, saying prayer for the ceremony!

After all the 'noble' purposes of the trip are done,
one essential event is never to be missed!

Thai Massage!

We find this place in a mall,
it's rather a clean and comfy space.

The price is cheap, it costs only 270 baht per hour for a foot massage.

However, i just can't stand the way they clean my feet before proceeding to the massage!
A few alcohol sheets to wipe off the dirt of your feet that been walking for like...errr a hundred mile? not even washing with water and start applying lotion to it?
Ohhhh noo....can i wash my feet first in the loo before we start?

This is what we do on a 5 days 4 night trip.

Nothing expensive, everything is just simple and spontaneous,
and its truly a joyful trip with the ever best companions.

We finally made it happened, ladies!
The bond never ends!

The night at bangkok is really mesmerizing,

but not without YOU!


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Anonymous said...

Moy: Lovely and wonderful trip..

-Ken- said...

i like the bkk night view picture :) great view

---Olivia. JR--- said...

how r u recently???

keke lurrrve ur photos at BKK!
and the background music~~

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wah wah wah!! Nice travelogue! make me wanna go BKK lioa... =)

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wooo.. make me feel like having tom yum... but not sure where to find in Taiwan =\