Sunday, September 20, 2009


我回来了! 时间有够快的,没有留神,又过了几个月。







Anonymous said...

finally!what are you busy on till 1 month only post up a new blog?i read alot of others blog but i'm still prefer yours!if can i wish you could every week update your blog cause tat already become part of it to pass my time.hehe...see ya!

Jeanious said...

Hey,thanks for your spontaneous respond!Really appreciate it!!Im very sorry for i'll be missing a while to carry on my misson =P but i will try to write whenevr i can!
Btw May i have your name?really happy to hear from you!!!

Anonymous said...

so happy that so fast you update your blog again and i don't know what words i can use to tell that how happy am i now.really!lets make it abit mystery about me as long as no matter you are in happy,sad,love or hate feeling while write the blog,i'll be the first who read it and will always support you!keep it on jean!

sapphire said...

Hello Jean! im a random girl from pj...i am a silent reader of ur blog, love ur pics & entries so much :)
i saw u on tv!u have the best & sweetest smile among all hehe...all the best in the Astro华裔小姐选美 :))

Anonymous said...

tired?....but it think the journey and the experience will cover it right!

慢热?its not a problem! this is you JEAN!ppl slowy will get your warm!


rawangboy said...




Jeanious said...

Anonymous: You are one mysterious friend that makes me feel so great with your mysterious support,really i wish to know who you are! Reveal yourself when the time is right =D

Sapphire: Thanks for your 'silent' readership and im really really happy to hear from you! Thanks for your great support in my journey,for you,i will do my best =D

Anonymous (W):The journey is superb!Thanks for the comment,Im sure you feel my warmth!